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About Lebanon County

First settled in 1723, Lebanon County was created by an Act of Assembly in 1813 from portions of Dauphin and Lancaster Counties.  The original German settlers tilled the valley's fertile soil, creating an economic base that continues today and blends with the residential, commercial and industrial development presently occurring.  Also reflective of Lebanon County's "Pennsylvania Dutch" heritage are its pastoral landscape, attractive farms and outstanding dairy and pork products, especially Lebanon Bologna.  Lebanon County also is blessed with an abundance of open space and conservation lands that provide numerous recreational opportunities. 

Located in south central Pennsylvania, approximately 25 miles east of the state capital (Harrisburg), Lebanon County is a 5th class county with a total land area of 362.9 square miles.  Average annual temperature is 50 degrees and average precipitation is almost 36 inches.  The following demographic information further describes Lebanon County:

2000 Census of population.....   120,327 

2000 Census No. of housing units  49,320   

2010 Census of population.....   133,568 

2010 Census No. of housing units  55,592 

26 Municipalities - 7 Boroughs 

16 Second Class Townships                  

2 First Class Townships 

1 Third Class City 

County Seat - City of Lebanon