Getting a home appraisal is a necessary step when selling your home in Berks County. To get the highest appraisal, you'll want to make sure your home is looking good. If you don't have the money or time for a major renovation, what are some more basic ways to get a higher appraisal?

A Little Spackle

You no doubt have been hanging things on your walls since you moved into your home, so there's bound to be holes and other blemishes from years of living. A little spackle and paint will cover all those blemishes and give your walls a fresh look. This won't necessarily raise your home's value, but it will keep the appraiser from deducting for the damage.

As Long as You're Painting

Since you're touching up the walls, you might as well freshen up the paint in other spots. You can paint worn borders and moldings to give your home a new look. The trim outside could also probably use an update. This has the added benefit of enhancing your curb appeal. Check around the outside of your home and fix any area that has worn, peeling, or chipping paint.

Do a Deep Clean

Deep cleaning your home may require a lot of effort, but little money. Clean you home from top to bottom, and do your best to get rid of pet odors. Appraisers will notice those scuff marks on the floor and strong pet odors, so you may want to think about having professionals wax the floors, shampoo the carpets, and do a deep clean of your home, especially if you have several pets.

Other Repairs

Make sure to tour your home and look at it from the viewpoint of a home buyer. This may help you see issues that you may have overlooked. Is there a loose handrail, shorted outlet, or other things you've got used to over the years?

Get an Early Home Inspection

Even after you think you have done everything that can be done to boost your home's appraised value, consulting an expert is wise. Getting a home inspection at this time will help you uncover issues that you may not have the expertise to notice. This gives you the time to get these items fixed ahead of putting the home on the market, while also ensuring you can ask a more competitive selling price. It's better to uncover these problems now than to have them affect the sale of the home in the future.

When selling your home in Berks County, you want to be sure you get the highest value possible, including the money and time you invested in updating its features. By taking the time to spruce up the home ahead of the appraisal, you may be able to increase the value by thousands of dollars.

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