Kids love Halloween, and most will tell you so. Of course, many adults also enjoy decorating their homes and getting into the holiday spirit. These tips will help you create a Halloween-friendly setting that oozes seasonal charm in your Berks County home.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Your home's exterior can be dressed up for Halloween without being a DIY expert. Adding pumpkins and gourds of different shapes and sizes to your front steps will improve your house's curb appeal. It is also possible to paint your pumpkins with spooky faces if you do not enjoy carving pumpkins. Create eerie eyes and other simple accents on your pumpkins using glow-in-the-dark paint.

Front Door Wreath

A seasonal wreath is a simple accent, but it's one that brims with warmth and festive charm. A wreath will greet trick-or-treaters as they come to your door, but it will also make for an inviting focal point for potential buyers if you're planning to list your home on the market this autumn. If you really want to wow the kids, replace your fall wreath with a spooky witch or ghost as it gets closer to Halloween.

Spooky Trees

Your trees can add a lot of visual appeal to your outdoor Halloween setting. You can hang a troop of ghosts from low branches of trees on your property with a bit of fishing line and outdoor-friendly fabric. You can also hang other decorations like spider webs, bats and flying witches.

Front Lawn Focal Point

Try to avoid installing decor in your Berks County home that might detract from its beauty if you intend to sell it in the fall. However, you can still make your Halloween focal point blend nicely with your home and landscape. Consider replacing a birdbath with a cauldron surrounded by witch silhouettes instead of a birdbath. A sophisticated display is essential to attracting potential buyers as well as children.

Eerie Living Room

A haunted living room scene can tie the whole room together. Rather than investing in expensive slipcovers or new furnishings, simply deck your furniture out with clean white sheets to create an eerie setting. Add some flickering, battery-operated candles and cobwebs to create an inviting Halloween setting that will work for you even if you're selling your house.

Garage Door

If you are decorating your exterior setting for Halloween, don't ignore your garage door. It is possible to create a beautiful seasonal display using vinyl clings. Put a row of jack-o-lanterns or a bevy of bats on your garage door to make it stand out. Whether or not you intend to sell your home in the fall, a decorated garage can boost the curb appeal of your house.

Decorated Windows

Adding Halloween decorations to your windows can enhance your décor inside and outside. You can add spooky silhouettes to the windows along with some black crepe to create an eye-catching arrangement. If you do have electrical décor, make sure to keep a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.

Halloween Props

Finally, don't forget to add some fun Halloween props to your interior to get into the spirit of the Halloween season. Add some spooky potion bottles to your mantel or shelf, black candles to your candleholders, black flowers to vases and hang fake spiders or ghosts from lighting fixtures. You can also replace your wall hangings with Halloween-inspired pictures that bring a touch of eerie charm to your setting.

Whether you choose to purchase your Halloween decorations or make them yourself, you can enhance the look of your home when you decorate for Halloween. The kids in your Berks County neighborhood are sure to appreciate your outdoor décor just as much as your neighbors and potential buyers.

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