Burglaries are a major problem in the U.S. Nearly five burglaries occur every minute in North America, or over 2.5 million burglaries annually. Although this number is decreasing, it is still a shockingly high statistic - and one that Berks County homeowners worry about every day. What can you do to improve the security of your home in Berks County?


Your home should be physically secure first of all. Would a break-in be prevented if your existing locks were secure enough? Locks can be broken in two ways: by picking or by force. This latter method is going to be far more common than the former, as many premeditated break-ins are likely to prefer speed to precision.

Therefore, you will want to choose a set of locks that are secure enough to resist picking but are also robust enough to withstand a kicking. Don't cut costs by only installing locks on the first floor - opportunists and professionals alike will try every entry point possible. 

Safety Lighting

The next step in protecting your property should be to disincentivize potential intruders. This can be achieved with lighting, which catches - and stops - trespassers in their tracks. Often, safety lighting systems use photocontrols, or photoelectric sensors, which turn on halogen lamps when they detect a shift in lighting conditions. A safety light alerts anyone in or near the house that there is a moving body on the property when triggered by motion.

Alarm Systems

There are several types of alarm systems you could use in order to disincentivize trespassing even further - or to alert the neighbors in the event of a forced entry. A perimeter alarm system, which triggers if a trespasser crosses a boundary, or an infrared sensor system may be installed. A conventional domestic alarm system is activated when a door or window is opened and must be deactivated with a keycode.

Security Cameras

Lastly, security cameras are a shrewd investment for any vigilant homeowner. Camera-equipped doorbells are becoming less expensive to buy and install; these services like Ring can let you "answer" the door even when you are away, with a fish-eye lens you can check on throughout the day. The installation of a more sophisticated CCTV system would enable you to monitor your property's perimeter at all times - and in the unfortunate event of a break-in, you would be able to use the video footage to bring the criminal to justice.

In the end, there's no absolute way to prevent property theft. But there are definitely ways to lessen the risk and keep your family safer. It doesn't require spending a fortune either. If you only use one or two of the methods described above, you can help prevent thieves from breaking into your Berks County home.

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