Can you believe it's almost time to send your young ones back to school? September 5 is when most kids go back to schools in Berks County. This can be quite a busy time for parents as you get your kids back into the groove of going back to school. Here are a few ways you can ease the transition.

Use a Family Calendar

You can help keep everyone on the same page with a family calendar. School activities and sports can really put your schedule to the test. You can post a large paper calendar and use different colors for each kid's activities. And yes, there's an app for that if the kids are more glued to their devices. Cozi is an app that is perfect for this task.

Keep Dinner Simple

No we're not talking about microwave dinners, but you can make cooking healthy dinners easier. You can try doing your shopping and meal planning on the weekend. Or you can sign up for a meal kit service such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron and have your ingredients delivered right to you.

Setting a New Pace

Most kids don't wake up at the crack of dawn during summer. So now is a great time to get them to adjust to a new schedule before school starts in Berks County. You can try adjusting the times they go to be and wake up gradually so they're more ready to wake up when school starts (or at least in theory).

Reduce Stress

School is usually stressful, especially if your child is going to a new school. Make sure to talk with them to see what may be stressing them out. Even if it seems like a little thing to you, it may be a big deal for them.

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