Just like humans, our pets need a safe and secure place to live. Pet doors are an ideal way of letting your pets in and out of your home when you aren't home. Not all pet doors are the same, and they serve different needs. Some can install in your door, inserted in a slide door, or be installed in the wall. Some of these are easy to install, while others may need professional installation. Here are some of the types of pet doors to help you find the right one for your home in Berks County.

Installed-in Doors

Installed pet doors usually go in your home's exterior wall leading to the front or back yard. Depending on how deep the wall is, it can be a flap, frame, or even a tunnel. A flapped door will be made from either a plastic or aluminum frame, with between 2-3 flaps for passage. The downside of plastic frames is that they can break easily. Aluminum will expand and contract with temperature changes, but can get warped over time. The good thing with installed doors is that you can buy replacement flaps.

If you decide a tunnel type is the best option, then you should hire a professional carpenter or handyman to drill the door tunnel in your wall so that you don't damage your plumbing or electrical. 

Custom Doors

Custom pet doors are versatile in that they will let your make changes as your pet grows.

Patio Door

If you live in a home in Berks County with a patio door, or don't want to drill holes in your walls or doors, then a patio panel door is a good option. All you have to do is find one that fits the right height of the patio door, then just slip it in. It will let both you and your pets to come in and out easily, making these types very popular. You can also find these doors for sale used, as some people don't need them for long periods if they are renting.

Electronic Doors

Don't want other animals coming into your home? An electronic pet door will solve that issue, as it only lets in pets who are wearing a sensor tag on their collar. Some can even be programmed to only open certain times of the day. This type of door is obviously more expensive, but it can be worth it to protect your home and pets from unfriendly animals. The only trick is that you will need to train your pet how to use it.

Getting the right pet door can save you a lot of trouble having to let your pets in and out all the time, as well as offer them more safety. Any type of door is well worth the cost and effort.

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