Can You Buy a Home in Berks County That's Not for Sale?Have you ever driven by a home in Berks County and wondered if it was for sale, even if there's no sign placed out in the yard? Maybe you checked the listing on the internet, and still found no evidence it was for sale. So you just went on your way in disappointment, hoping that it might go on the market before you run out of time to find the perfect home.

Did you know that there is a way to buy a home that's not technically on the market in Berks County? It may not be easy, and it depends on if the owner wants to sell or not. But if you tread carefully, there are ways to buy a home that's not on the market. This can be done by looking for listings that were for sale in Berks County at one time, but were cancelled, withdrawn, or expired that can be an option. The best way to find these listings is by working with an agent. Jeff Martin is familiar with the real estate market in Berks County and has experience helping home buyers find these types of listings.

Check for Cancelled, Expired, or Withdrawn Listings

Looking for homes that were previously on the market, but were removed for one reason or another, is going to be the most promising way to find a home you can potentially buy that's not currently on the market. Working with a Berks county real estate agent who is familiar with the local market is the best way find these listings:

Cancelled: These are listings in Berks County that were taken off the market by the seller and cancelled with the selling agent. In many cases, this happens because the home seller has decided not to work with the agent after a certain amount of time on the market. In this case, they may relist the home with another agent. 

Expired: When a home is for sale, there is a contract period that is set between the seller and the agent. If the home doesn't sell during that period, it expires. There is a good chance the property will be renewed and come back on the market, perhaps with a different agent or for a lower price so that it will sell more quickly. We can help you find these listings.

Withdrawn: A home seller may decide to withdraw their home from the Berks County market, but keep the contract open with the selling agent. There are many reasons this may happen. This is kind of like hitting the pause button. You or your agent might be able to contact the selling agent to see if you can talk the seller into making a deal.

If you do find a home that fits into one of the above categories, make sure you and your agent make sure it's worth buying and what offer you should make for it. Sure, the home may look great from the curb, but do you know what it looks like inside or if there are any potential issues? You can also look at when the home was last sold or when it was last put on the market. You may be able to find recent information and photos to help you get a better idea of the condition of the home before you contact the seller or seller's agent.

And don't be afraid of rejections. Remember, you may be coming to them unexpectedly, and they may not want to sell right now. But don't let that deter you. It may just be a deal that's right for both you and the seller.

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