Most of us have probably spent more time in our homes in Berks county this year than in the past 5 years combined. Maybe more. If that's the case with you, you're probably getting a bit tired of your surroundings. Maybe your home is in a rut, with an ugly living room, a cluttered kitchen, or just outdated everything. It may be so bad that you want to move.

But before you throw in the towel on your haggard home, why not take a second look at your abode and think about making some easy changes that will bring the love back. And when you're done making things more appealing, if you're still not satisfied, you're home will be more ready to sell to Berks County home buyers.

Here are 9 easy ways to make you love your home again.

1. Rearrange your furniture.

This is an easy one, but has a big impact. Maybe you can use a home deisgn app to help you before you lug your furniture around. Sometimes, all a tired living room needs is a little refresher, and that can often be achieved without spending a dime. Check out HGTV for some tips.

2. Clear up the clutter.

Clutter is so easy to let get out of control, and it can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home and life. Organizing can help to bring order to your space and your mind, reducing messes and stresses.

3. Get a new TV.

If you still have an old tube TV because you thought flat screens were too expensive, your day has arrived. If you haven't been shopping for flat screen TVs lately, you'll be surprised by how inexpensive they are now. You can get a larg screen for only a few hundred dollars these days. Do a little comparison shopping and you'll be watching HI-Definition movies and TV in no time.

4. Pick one room to overhaul per quarter.

Pick one room every few months to overhaul. Schedule a weekend scrubbing, swapping out linens, painting, changing light bulbs or whatever else is needed for an easy and cheap update. By the end of a year, you're whole home will be overhauled.

5. Use your spare change.

Change out your throw rug, window coverings, or accessories. Designating a special spot to collect leftover coins at the end of the day will give your family purpose, and before you know it you'll have a "Freshen Up Fund."

6. Change out your wall art.

Do you have a decent printer? Why not change out your wall art with some new masterpeices. With a computer and a printer, the options are limitless.

7. Clean it up.

Organize the gang on a Saturday morning to clean the baseboards, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Sprucing up these often-dusty and grimy areas can really freshen up a space. 

8. Take care of little issues that you've been ignoring.

Fix little issues like toilet paper holders that have come out of the wall and crooked pictures that raise your ire every time you walk by them. Take a good look at your whole house and make a list of the things you've been overlooking.

9. Paint your old kitchen cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinets may be a lot of work. But you won't regret it when you're done. And you may just love your kitchen so much again you'll choose to fix up some other stuff.

It doesn't take a fortune or an army of contractors to make your home feel new again. 

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